Welcome to getting the best limo tips, tactics, and strategies to help you (the consumer) find the best limo company and get the best experience. We’re going to dive right into what you need to look for when choosing the best limo company for your night out or special event.

Research the Company

When I say research the Company I’m talking more than the traditional state and local licensing requirements. There are a number of options when choosing a limo company some of which are quality and some uh, maybe not so quality. I get we all want the cheapest everything, limo’s included. But, be cautious of who you hire.

As with most service based businesses you have those who try to game the system and cut corners her or there to offer services at a cheaper price. So how do you tell who to trust and ultimately do business with?

I’ve found that researching the basic information such as licensing, insurance certifications and driver credentials is a great start and a must do.

However, let’s get serious anyone can buy that stuff. So I started researching a bit on the web. Here’s what I look for and it really only takes a few minutes. Don’t do it and run the risk of some shady characters and possible unresolvable issues.

  • Review Search Engines
  • Owner Info
  • Public records
  • Driver reviews on social platforms

Search Google for limo service in your specific town. Look for companies with reviews and who are rated on the first couple pages. Let the search engine work for you, their fairly good at filtering out nonsense. But take a close look at the reviews, do you believe their real? Some reviews sound scripted and either posted by an employee or whatever. The point is you can kind of tell what’s real, so take a closer look at reviews not just the star rating.

Owner Information is critical as well as employees and their credentials. This information should be proudly displayed on their website.

Search public records on the individuals listed and make sure you don’t find some concerning information. You can usually search state or city specific sites. as well as a quick and free google search of the individual’s name should return you some results.

Reviews on social platforms such as Facebook or Yelp are highly informative and usually fairly credible. Again reviews should be looked at with some skepticism but these social platforms do tend to be more credible than the large search engines.

Dig a little deeper into the owner and any other businesses they may own. It’s very common for a business owner to start a second, third and many ventures. That’s okay in fact it gives you more information to rely on. Quickly check the credibility of the other businesses they own.  

I had a great experience through digging just a little deeper on those other businesses. While researching this limo company I came across a company claiming to have the exact limo I wanted I was skeptical as my initial research should all the right credentials but little to no reviews on this limo company. By digging into the owner bit I found he also did gutter cleaning in Boise. The limo business was a newer venture for him. So, I relied on the reviews and web presence of his other business and moved forward with the limo rental.

It was a great experience and a fantastic night. The Limo was as advertised and the owner actually drove that night. Which give me a chance to get to know him a bit better and develop a great relationship. He is now my gutter guy and limo guyJ

Point being do your research and don’t just rely on the first layer of information such as certifications, insurance and associations. Those are all very important and required. Look a little deeper there are fantastic companies with affordable and quality service out there. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to vet the competition and uncover these gems but in the long run t is absolutely worth it.