Technology…they gotta have it!

Let’s face it there’s nothing more annoying than trying to book out a limo for that special occasion and not being able to find the perfect Limo for your special night out.

Here’s a tip from a colleague in California who swears by the limo company he uses and the technology they employ. He describes the experience as seamless and hassle free. Also a lot cheaper than traditional limo rentals.

Through an integrated scheduling and mobile app platform the local limo company has been able to create a mini Uber or rideshare platform, while maintaining control over drivers and inventory.

As he explained it further it was a fantastic setup that allowed clients and drivers more flexibility. It did this through a micro schedule where you could book that sick Hummer to take you out for a couple hours and drop you off for dinner or dancing. Once you’re ready to be picked up you simply opened the mobile app and informed the driver to show up in 15 minutes. If you want the Hummer you select that in the app or you can choose from any of the available inventory.

There was a number of options he described within the scheduling component allowing you to book out a full night or like above partial nights. Saving you money and allowing the limo company to keep their vehicles on the road, making money.

This is a win-win and I assume is in a city near you. The next time you book out a limo ask if they have a similar platform. I found a limo company here locally with similar technology and can’t wait for our trip next week. Expect a quick follow up as I test their platform.

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