What happens when your Limo breaks down?

This is a great question to ask a Limo Company when your deciding who to hire them. Okay so we all plan on a night with no problems and everything goes as planned. Well what happens when your chariot or Limo breaks down or gets a flat tire? Trust me it happens and when it does everyone in the limo is bummed. So before you decide which limo company to hire you need to ask their policy and contingency plan n the event of a breakdown.

A quality company will keep their vehicles in tip top shape and have very few incidents.  Although a tire can blow for various reasons some of which are uncontrollable. As we all know our personal vehicles can breakdown even if we keep them regularly maintained. Even with the proper maintenance vehicles have so many parts it is almost inevitable they will break.

So before you hire a limo company ask what they do in the event of a breakdown. Will they send another limo to finish the job? Will they refund the cost of the night, for the inconvenience? Do they have a quality towing company they can call?

These answers should all be yes! If not I would continue your search and find a quality company who knows things happen and when they do they take care of the customer and the situation asap.

A personal story of mine lends to proof that this is all so important.

I was on a bachelor party and we rented a sweet stretched escalade to drive us from Boise Idaho to Jackpot Nevada, a couple hour drive through the dessert. We had a blast on the ride there and enjoyed our time at the casino’s in Jackpot. We were on our way back to Boise when halfway home our Limo blew two tires and we were stuck on the side of the road 🙁

Thankfully our limo driver had a great relationship with a towing company out of Boise, Tow Boise . It was a bit of a drive for them but they arrived before we knew it and helped fix our limo. We were off and back to town before the Sun woke up.

All in all it just made our adventure a bit more interesting. The moral of the story is to make sure you ask questions before you hire a limo company.

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